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There is a saying... nothing is impossible, its just a matter of time.but. there are peope who run faster then the fastest. who make things posible in a short span. who are the visoinaries in disguise.

Mr. Medapati krishna Redddy is a well known business man of this part of A.P. with a decade long commitment factor on his side. people named him Mr.dependable and he stood to the expectations of his men- always.

To make it big in the ever in demand housing sector he moved on to launch swathi promoters(p)ltd and madeMr. Medapati RameshReddy- the head of operations.

The young and dynamic Ramesh Reddy with smile as his weapon has made it big in the real estate areana with in a short span a team of hard core marketing professionals are propagating the brand image of swathi promoters in every possible corner.'swathi' is becoming a household name in realestate and construction segments and destined to make a land mark of its own .keep wathching............

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